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Value Statement and Guiding Principles

We believe that the services we provide as individuals, businesses, and organizations are more effectively delivered when we are willing to collaborate and share ideas, resources, and efforts. This willingness to compliment and not compete makes for more effective individual and organizational outcomes. 

We believe in the collective work and responsibility! As world citizens and organizations working towards change we have identified our social responsibility but must also realize the power of working together to make greater impact.

That is what we at Ujima Woman hope to instill in organizations and individuals worldwide!

Why You Should Connect With Other Empowered Women!

'No man is an island' neither is an organization or a business. We actually work better together! However, what is missing are those key connections and partnerships! 

Ujima Woman Network doesn't believe in connections just for connections sake. We believe in Connections within Context! What does that mean? It means: 

  • Finding connections near you (or clear across the globe) with a similar or complementary cause to collaborate on in order to make a greater social impact. 
  • Access to local and virtual subgroups with individuals with shared interests 
  • Insight on new and sustainable intervention strategies to tackle your cause
  • Finding new local, regional, or international projects to work on 
  • Opportunities to post questions in the community and get them answered by other professionals
  • Ability to participate in polls to improve your experience 
  • Member discounts for our IN PERSON Ujima Woman Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Training
  • Opportunities for members and their causes to be featured in Ujima Woman Magazine

All these advantages mean every single notification you receive on your smart device from our app will add value to you, your organization and your cause!

So come in peace and lets connect!  


Other networking platforms have changed over the years. We know they have to pay the bill but how they are doing it can be quite annoying. We simply want you to make connections without annoyance. So here's what we wont be bothering you with: 

  • No ads.
  • No distractions.
  • No loss of privacy.
  • No algorithms that decide your experience for you.
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